Play games on YouTube, unlock 'Playables' feature to play over 30 games

YouTube gaming feature Playables

YouTube is introducing new gaming feature for its Premium subscribers, unveiling ‘Playables,' a collection of over 30 arcade games accessible to YouTube Premium members without the need for downloads. 

Subscribers can enable Playables by navigating to the explore menu or scrolling down on the YouTube homepage, then activating the "Play games on YouTube" option in experimental features. The gaming feature, available until March 28, includes titles like Angry Birds Showdown, Crazy Caves, Stack Bounce, Color Burst 3D, and Daily Solitaire, suggesting a potential expansion to more premium games in the future, similar to Netflix Games.

In addition to Playables, YouTube is offering AI-powered comment summaries, valid until December 5, to organize and summarize comments on videos with extensive discussions. Premium subscribers can enable either Playables or AI comment summaries, not both simultaneously. YouTube has been enhancing its Premium offering, extending 1080p enhanced video bitrate to Android devices and smart TVs, following its initial introduction on iOS. These additions aim to provide an enriched experience for YouTube Premium members.

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