Tesla launches Cybertruck with futuristic design and unexpected price

Tesla launches Cybertruck in the US market

Tesla's highly anticipated Cybertruck, priced higher than anticipated and falling short of Elon Musk's promised driving ranges, has left some disappointed while intriguing others with its futuristic SUV-like design. 

Despite being two years behind schedule, the Cybertruck enters a competitive pickup market, aiming to challenge popular models such as Ford's F150 Lightning, Rivian Automotive's R1T, and General Motors' Hummer EV. 

With a starting price of $60,990 (around Rs. 51 lakh), significantly exceeding Musk's 2019 projections, the vehicle's appeal may be limited, contributing to a more than 2 percent decrease in Tesla's stock since before its launch. 

Constructed from bullet-proof stainless steel and drawing inspiration from a James Bond movie's car-turned-submarine, the Cybertruck is expected to rejuvenate Tesla's brand, which has faced challenges due to substantial price cuts aimed at stimulating demand, as noted by analysts and branding experts.

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