WhatsApp launches voice updates, polls and new features for Channels

WhatsApp logo

WhatsApp has added cool stuff to Channels, their broadcasting tool. Now you can send voice notes, have multiple admins, share to status, and create polls. 

Mark Zuckerberg shared the news and even had a poll about the best game on his own WhatsApp Channel. 

“We’re introducing a bunch of new features for WA channels, including voice notes, multiple admins, sharing to status, and polls, which is great because I need help settling a debate,” he said on his WhatsApp Channel, along with a poll asking for a vote on the ‘best game of all time’.

These features are rolling out on Android, iOS, and the web, so everyone can enjoy them. With Voice Updates, admins can talk to their followers. Polls make it fun to get opinions, and you can share exciting Channel updates to your personal status. Plus, Channels can have multiple admins for better management.

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