YouTube and Spotify apps may be missing from Apple Vision Pro

Youtube app logo that won't be there on Apple vision pro headset

Rumors hint that YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix won't offer standalone apps for Apple's upcoming Vision Pro headset when it launches on February 2 in the US. Despite being a significant hardware release for Apple, these popular streaming platforms are reportedly not on board initially. 

Users may resort to accessing content through the Safari browser, with certain limitations, until potential future support is introduced. Both YouTube and Spotify, with no immediate plans for dedicated apps on the Apple Vision Pro, leave users with active subscriptions to navigate their content via Safari. 

Priced at $3,499, the headset will debut with other streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, but the absence of video sharing app YouTube and Spotify apps may impact the immersive viewing experience until further updates or dedicated apps are developed. 

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