AI model Hanooman to launch in India

AI model chatgpt

Reliance Industries, led by Mukesh Ambani, is set to launch 'Hanooman' a ChatGPT-style service in collaboration with Indian engineering institutions, marking a significant stride in Artificial Intelligence capabilities. It is going to launch next month in March 2024.

The AI model is a joint effort involving eight Indian Institutes of Technology, supported by Reliance Jio Infocomm and the central government. The BharatGPT group, backed by Reliance Industries and top engineering schools, aims to introduce its inaugural ChatGPT-style service, contributing to indigenous AI development in India. The consortium, comprising Reliance and eight IITs, unveiled the Hanooman model at a recent Mumbai technology conference, showcasing interactions in different scenarios. 

Hanooman, operating in 11 local languages, will focus on healthcare, governance, financial services, and education. It is expected to expand to 22 Indian languages ​​in the future. Additionally, the model will feature speech-to-text capabilities, enhancing user-friendliness. Competitors like Sarvam and Krutrim, supported by venture capital, are working on open-sourced AI models tailored for India. 

Reliance Jio, developing Jio Brain plans to create customized AI models within its network of 450 million subscribers. The BharatGPT initiative stands out as a unique private-public partnership, pioneering the integration of AI capabilities across diverse fields.

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