Jio launches Jio Brain, an AI and ML powered system with generative AI features

Jio Brain, an AI and ML powered system with generative AI features

Jio Platforms has introduced Jio Brain, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning platform made for enterprises. The 5G-integrated service facilitates the integration of ML tools into telecom networks, enterprise environments, and industry-specific IT setups. 

Jio Brain has advanced AI features for images, videos, text, documents, speech and in-built AI algorithms that are available “as a service”. An outstanding feature is the Large-Language Model (LLM) as a Service, allowing clients to harness generative AI capabilities. Boasting a cloud-native design, Jio Brain offers over 500 REST APIs and data APIs for businesses to create customized ML services according to their requirements. 

Senior Vice President Aayush Bhatnagar unveiled Jio Brain on LinkedIn, revealing the two-year research effort by hundreds of engineers, positioning it as the "Industry's first 5G-integrated ML platform." The platform aims to revolutionize enterprises by speeding up operations, transforming businesses, optimizing networks, and laying the groundwork for 6G development with ML as a core capability. 

In essence, Jio Brain is an AI and ML-powered system providing automation and generative AI features, catering to enterprises' need for efficiency. Positioned as "industry agnostic," it encompasses various features, including LLM as a Service, advanced AI functionalities for diverse content types, a plug-and-play cloud-native architecture, and integration capabilities. Enterprises can leverage Jio Brain for NLP, AI generation tasks, coding assistance, and core ML capabilities. 

No specific launch date of Jio Brain has been disclosed.

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