List of phones receiving Android 15 update

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Android 14 has seen success, introducing several convenient features, but the focus now shifts to Android 15 update as the developer preview is released. While not all android smartphones will receive the Android 15 update due to hardware limitations, Samsung Galaxy users can look forward to it. Samsung has an extensive list of eligible Galaxy smartphones, set to receive Android 15 via the One UI 7.0 update shortly after Google Pixels get the stable release. These Google Pixels will get the Android 15 update on their device: Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, Pixel 7, 7 Pro and 7a, Pixel 6, 6 Pro and 6a, Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet

Note that the list includes currently available smartphones, and upcoming devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6, and Galaxy A55 are expected to come pre-loaded with Android 15. Although this list of phones has not been confirmed yet, these Samsung devices are expected to get the Android 15 update.

Eligible Galaxy Devices for Android 15 Update

Galaxy M33, Galaxy M15, Galaxy M34, Galaxy M54, Galaxy M53, Galaxy F15, Galaxy F34, Galaxy F54, Galaxy A14 (LTE+5G), Galaxy A15 (LTE+5G), Galaxy A24, Galaxy A25, Galaxy A23, Galaxy A33, Galaxy A34, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A54, Galaxy A73, Galaxy A72, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+,Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi/5G), Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (Wi-Fi/5G), Galaxy Tab S8+ (Wi-Fi/5G), Galaxy Tab S9 (Wi-Fi/5G), Galaxy Tab S9 FE, Galaxy Tab S9 FE+, Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (Wi-Fi/5G), Galaxy Tab S9+ (Wi-Fi/5G)
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