How to know if someone unadds you on Snapchat

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Yes, there is a way to know if someone has unadded you on Snapchat. Here are 6 ways to find out who deleted you from Snapchat account.

Know If Someone Unadds You on Snapchat

Method 1: Review Your Friend's List 

When suspicions arise about someone removing you on Snapchat, the first step is to examine your friend's list on Snapchat. 

How to Check this:

Access your profile icon, tap "My Friends," and observe if their name is conspicuously absent. The absence from this list is a telltale sign that you have been unfriended by the user. 

Method 2: Camera Icon Replacement

Snapchat uses a camera icon next to a friend's name on the Chat screen to signify an active friendship. However, if this camera icon is replaced by an "x" icon, as depicted in the provided screenshot, it indicates either a pending friend request or, more likely, that they've removed you as their friend. Understanding the significance of the "x" icon can be crucial in interpreting changes in your Snapchat connections. 

Method 3: Sparse Profile Information 

A valuable method to assess your Snapchat friendship status is by visiting the profile page of the suspected user. This page typically displays various details, including their Avatar, Snapscore, Snapstreak, birthday, saved Snaps, horoscope, and charms. If all you can see is their Snapchat avatar and no additional details, it is a strong indication that the friendship might have come to an end. 

How to navigate to a Snapchat user's profile page:

1. Access the Chat screen by tapping on the Chat tab. 

2. Choose the conversation with the user in question. 

3. Tap on the profile icon or name to open their profile page. 

Method 4: Missing Calling Options 

Snapchat offers calling and video calling options similar to other messaging platforms. If someone has unadded you, these options disappear. 

Follow these steps, to verify this: 

1. Go to the Chat screen using the Chat tab. 

2. Open a chat with the individual. 

3. Look for the absence of the phone and camera icons at the top right corner. Their absence indicates that you have been unfriended. 

Method 5: Vanished Stories on Snapchat

Snapchat Stories are a central feature, and friends' stories are visible in the Stories section. If a friend removes you, their stories cease to appear for you. 

How to confirm this on Snapchat:

1. Open Snapchat and tap on the Story tab. 

2. Look for your friend's stories and check if they are visible. 

If the stories don't show up, it's likely that the user has removed you from their friends list. 

Method 6: Unopened Snaps

Contrary to common belief, being unfriended on Snapchat doesn't prevent you from sending Snaps or texts. However, the recipient won't receive them, and your messages will remain marked as "Delivered." 

This discrepancy, where your Snaps are not opened despite being delivered, is a strong indicator that the person may have unfriended you. While it's reasonable to consider someone might be busy, consistent lack of interaction with your Snaps suggests a potential unfriending. 

By using these six methods on Snapchat, users can navigate the nuances of Snapchat's features to discern changes in their connections, offering a comprehensive approach to understanding alterations in Snapchat friendships. 

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